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Constructores de la Gloria. Los virreyes de Nápoles y la monarquía de España (21/6/2010)
Baroque European Fantasies: Creating Exotic Space (16/1/2013)
Baroque Bodies (Vienna Medical University)
The way people deal with health and disease, the way they perceive their bodies and cope with political and social occurrences like war, hunger or epidemics, not to forget those very individual events like birth and death, those are topics, which have always played a very central role in the life of man. After all, every human being comes across one or the other at some point in his or her life. Seen in this light it is always very exciting to ask, but also to “tell” how people fared in different times and under certain living conditions. Frequently, artistic expressions of all kind, such as works of art, artistic activities or cultural practices like traditional feasts strongly reflect such elementary human events.